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1  General Category / General Forum / original origin Gwar comic 1986 on: October 25, 2009, 01:26:29 pm
where is everyone? is it something I said? LMFAO. either way, I am leaving you guys with my last bit of memorabilia and info. Sorry I couldn't give you crazy stories and stuff, but we were geeks, we were art student who smoked weed and played D&D! LOL I am posting the first ever Gwar comic from 1986 that we gave out at the Floodzone show in 1986. I am also posting a couple of live shots from my first show as Joey Slutman from rockitz @Richmond 1985, as well as a pic from my first band Judicial Fear from 1982 when we opened for Minor threat and Doa and White Cross at Benny's in Richmond. You now have more info on Joey Slutman and early gwar than alot of people. This will be my last visit to your site, although I think you guys have deserted.LOL take care and good luck with whatever you do.-Joey

Gwar @ Rockits 1985 w/ Joey Slutman

Judicial Fear @ Benny's Richmond va, 1982 w/ Joe Annaruma on Guitar
you will notice the little bald guy against the wall at stage left, thats Ian McKaye.

2  General Category / The Dim Times / Re: Death Piggy Reunion! on: June 21, 2009, 02:12:44 pm
HOLY SHIT!!! I may have to go back to Richmond for that one!!!! That show will be packed to the rafters  for sure!
3  Just for fun! / Bands GWAR need to kill / Re: Top 5 Favorite Bassists on: June 10, 2009, 11:09:17 pm
Hey, no matter how old you are those bassists kick ass. Anyway, my top five would be

5.Dave Brockie (Even though he lacks great instrumental talent, he's the man.)
4.Victor Wooten
3.John Entwistle (The Who)
2.Steve Harris (Iron Maiden)
1.Flea (Red Hot Chili Peppers)

actaually, while Brockie is a sub-standard Guitarist, I aways thought he was a damn good bass player. his Death Piggy stuff
4  General Category / General Forum / The idea behind Gwars inception 1985 on: June 05, 2009, 10:32:51 pm
First off. I hear alot of speculation as to the meaning of the word GWAR. The way I remember it as it was explained to me by Brockie and Hunter was that GWAR was the first word uttered by the band members as they awoke from their icey graves in antarctica. it was the only word they knew. that 'God what an aweful racket " explanation is pure bullshit, unless Brockie decided to change the meaning over the years. i never heard that explanation while I was in the band...TRUTH.

I have caught much shit over the years for my singing style while I was in Gwar. well, I wasn't  trying to take my self seriously, and the only reason why I sang that way was because it fit with the original theme of Gwar at its inception...mainly Gwars whole reason was to ridicule heavy metal and everything it stood for. all of us came from punk rock and hardcore bands, we were not metal heads, we were punks, skins, and most of us were artists of some sort. think about it; over the top costumes, rudimentary chord structures, allusions to massive drug use, exploitation of women, sleazebag managers, my vocals were an attempt at ridiculing the new (1985 it was new) cookie monster vocal style of speed-metal. I actually like some metal then, kreator, slayer, stuff like that, i had suggested that we play better, more metal-like music, but brockie and Hunter, who really were more character focused than music focused said that Gwar would not be able to play that well since they just came from antarctica. One of the many reasons why I left was because they only cared about the artistic character stuff and not the music. what makes me laugh is how brockie started singing more in a metal style later on, and how they are now entrenched within the metal scene,LOL, GWAR started as  a Parody of heavy Metal, and now, as entertaining as they are, they are actually a parody of a parody of themselves.LMAO.Brockie may deny this or not, but i am telling you now, we were making fun of Metal heads.TRUTH. and if you want to see how I really sing, go to and, these are two sites where you can hear some of my music other than Man is Doomed, bigfatugly is my personal myspace page so feel free to add me if you are on myspace, you will hear music from 3 of my bands after gwar (throttle,man is doomed and Pinchpoint). As far as I am concerned, brockie was the better choice for singer of Gwar, I would never have lasted 20+ years doing what they do, especially if it meant staying in Richmond, he's a funny guy with alot of screwed up ideas and he obviously has no shame, which is a prerequisite to being in  Gwar, I still laugh my ass off when I see some of his interviews and introductions to videos, he's fucking hilarious. I still believe that if I stayed in the band, it would have maybe been a better band musically, but it probably would not have lasted near as long as it has.Between me, Hunter and Brockie, the ego factor was huge, and I have been in enough bands to know that most bands only have room for one huge head, and if you have ever met dave, you can see clearly that he has a gigantic dome.LOL seriously though, if you have 3 people who want to further their ideas, nothing will work because of the constant struggle to get your ideas into play. all those early people like myself who left after a year or two were what Gwar needed to progress, otherwise it would have gotten ugly and Gwar would have fizzled out in 1988. So all those rumors of my being bitter are really bullshit, yes, i have a few issues with Brockie concerning use of my lyrics and likeness without compensation, but nothing really major to where I would wish them bad, I actually am amazed at how far they went and wish them nothing but the best...TRUTH
5  General Category / General Forum / Re: GWAR FLYER for Floodzone show 5/10/86 on: June 05, 2009, 10:00:58 pm
What did you guys use to spew the audience back then? Did you at all? Also, feel free to just start telling any Dim Time stories without being asked, if you have anything memorable.
We used caro syrup and red food dye. Soundmen hated it, they called it gwarbage, it gummed up equiptment and monitors. We spewed, but not like they do now. I used to have a box of water baloons filled with the blood mix near me on stage and i would crush them in front of some kids face in front and get him right in the face. the spewing that Gwar does since the early 90's is way more extreme. we focused on fight scenes back then, and that was what the blood was used for.

I will think of some stories that you might find interesting. I have one that i am about to put in the dim times thread concerning the true reasoning behind Gwars inception.
6  General Category / General Forum / Re: GWAR FLYER for Floodzone show 5/10/86 on: June 03, 2009, 06:01:17 pm
thats awesome, glad he survived the bullshit.
7  Just for fun! / Bands GWAR need to kill / Re: Top 5 Favorite Bassists on: June 02, 2009, 05:39:26 pm
1.Chris Bopst (Gwar)was and is an amazing bass player.
2.Al Kygis  (the Swans)
3.Youth  (Killing Joke)
4. John Paul Jones (Zepplin)
5. Geezer (Black Sabbath)
 This list shows my age...old
8  General Category / The Dim Times / Re: Where Is He Now? : Joey Slutman on: June 02, 2009, 05:28:55 pm
Were you involved with or know about the Slave Pit before you sang for GWAR? If so, did Russ Bahorsky ever play a show for GWAR? Was he a guitarist as Mr. Magico, or just a side-character?
I LIVED IN THE SLAVE PIT. me, Brockie, Jim thompson and collette Miller (gwar girl) all lived at the dairy building, which is where slave pit originally was.we each had living space there and we had a practice spot as well as a huge area where we made the first costumes and props. bahorsky did not play guitar when i was in. I will give you all the line ups that we had while i was in:
First incarnation with slutman:vocals: Joey Slutman Annaruma (me), Guitar #1 : Steve Douglass, #2: Brockie, Bass: chris Bopst(loved that fucking guy) and drums: Sean Sumpter

second incarnation: Steve Douglass was canned and this guy John Cobbitt took over, but we didnt like him so we brought in Greg ottinger from the alternatives, so cobbitt never played a show, he did write the music for time for death which was actually a rip off of metallica, I wrote the original words to time for death. Sean Sumter left to play with this band called  jungle something , I forget, so Mosby came in, but he left too, thats when Jim Thompson came in, we also had Tim Curry come in as a drummer, for the floodzone show, we had two drummers. so the line-up was:
Vocals: joey Slutman, guitar 1: greg Ottinger, Guitar 2: brockie, bass: Bopst, drums: Jim Thompson and Tim Curry (i think that was his name, i know Curry was his last name.

The richmond dairy was a crazy place, there were artists who lived there, neon artists, tee-shirt printers, painters, sculpters etc. All the early songs, concepts and props/costumes were made there. I think that alot of Phallus was shot there too. It is a condominium now.
9  General Category / General Forum / Re: GWAR FLYER for Floodzone show 5/10/86 on: June 02, 2009, 05:09:49 pm
Do you have the setlist for this show?
This show was at the Floodzone in Richmond. It was the 3rd ever Gwar show. I dont have the set list but I know the songs we played.:
1-Time For death
2-Slutman city
3-gwar Theme
5-Pure as the arctic snow
6-Save the seals (for us)
8-rock and roll party town
9 instrumental (fight scene) I think that this is the song that was later called eat steel.
thats pretty much what we had song wise at this time. I quit the band a month later and they wrote a bunch of new songs.
if you look at the bands that played that show, particularly Unseen force and geek maggot bingo, these two bands had two future gwar members. Unseen Force had Dewey on guitar who would go on to be Gwars Guitar player for a spell as well as a famous junkie, and geek maggot Bingo who had Mike Bishop playing bass, he was called Beef then too, he would be a great bass player with gwar. Incidently, aside from the Alternatives, who were essentially the guitar,bass and drums of gwar, Mike Bishop was my favorite new Gwar player after I left, a real nice guy and he never disrespected me once. I hope he is doing well. At this time, a young 18year old college freshman with a shiney face and braces was coming to our shows, her name was Dannielle and she would later be called Slymenstra, another great person who was always very humble and very talented.I always marvelled at how certain people wound up being in gwar throughout the years, she fucking rocked and Gwar was never as good after she left as far as I am concerned.
10  General Category / The Dim Times / Re: Where Is He Now? : Joey Slutman on: May 31, 2009, 07:30:54 pm
My question is what was the deal with sluggo?
I dont even remember the guys name who originally played our manager. he was a friend of Hunters, I didnt like him much, he was a short,fat pig-nosed geek. But we needed someone to play our manager. After i left, sleazy took over, i guess they didnt like the kid or he couldnt do it anymore, not sure. But the whole big brother story line was a way to add continuity, and Sleazy killed him. There is a lot of fratricide going on in the early days to answer for all the early members leaving.LOL Johhny killed Joey and Sleazy killed sluggo. Sluggo was just an early form of sleazy. Sluggo was only around for one show, the floodzone show, along with Gwar cereal.LOL
11  General Category / General Forum / GWAR FLYER for Floodzone show 5/10/86 on: May 31, 2009, 04:05:20 pm
this flyer survived many moves and even Katrina, its beat up nicely.

12  General Category / The Dim Times / Re: Where Is He Now? : Joey Slutman on: May 31, 2009, 03:54:46 pm
My first few questions for you.
1. In Blood, Bath, & Beyond, there's some footage of you guys (and I'm certain you were in it) running around the  snowy streets of Richmond. Attacking parked cars, fighting Cardinal Syn, scaring Richmonders, and being too awesome. Do you know what the storyline was to that, and what movie it was for?
2. How many shows did you play with GWAR?
3. Do you still have any GWAR Demos or live recordings laying around, or were they all destroyed in Katrina?
#1- In BBB, the only footage of me is on stage fighting the giant ant during the 2nd Gwar show. I had moved to Philly before the Street footage in Richmond,so I dont know what it was shot for, but it was before Phallus, I know that. We used to walk around Richmond in costume, but we never filmed it, people in Richmond  were pretty backwards back then, it was like the land that time forgot.
#2- I only played 2 shows in costume and a house party in a campus dorm of VCU in street clothes-actually the first Rawg show before they called it Rawg. Most of my first year in Gwar was spent making the first props and costumes, writing the songs and scripting storylines.And we also recorded the the first demo. You have heard some of the songs from that on Let there be Gwar, but there are songs you will never hear because the original lyrics to Time for Death and Slutman city were my lyrics.what you heard were the versions where Brockie added his lyrics with mine. to recap...I played my first show at casablanca's (Rockits), and my second at the VCU dorm party and my last at Floodzone, after that I realized that there were way too many ego's in the band and that it would be best if I left, plus I met a girl with really big tits and a nice car who wanted to move to Philly, as I hated Richmond, being a big city boy from NYC, I opted to move back to civilization. I still believe that I would not have lasted all these years with Gwar if i stayed, so everything happened the way it should have.
#3- pretty much everything was lost in Katrina, but it wasn't much anyway, I have never been able to get copies of anything from brockie or Hunter, no matter how many times they said they would get stuff to me. I have one original flyer from the Floodzone show and an original Gwar comic with the origin story, also from that show. i do have an old practice tape with the original songs including the ones I wrote plus Save the seals and Pure as the arctic snow, its really rough and it is in Virginia, I need to go down there and get it from a friend, I may have to murder him to get it.Hope that answers some of your questions.
13  General Category / General Forum / Re: Origin of GWAR Comic on: May 31, 2009, 01:35:20 am

this is not the original comic that was given out at the 3rd show. it has been rewritten with sleazy in it. The original has sluggo and has less story line. i am going to scan the original when I have time so you can see the difference.
14  General Category / GWAR Side Projects / Re: Best GWAR side project? on: May 31, 2009, 01:23:08 am
im not much of a fan for GWAR side projects
anyone else?
the best side bands by far were Milk , and The Brown Experience. Both were going on as Gwar was in its infancy. Milk had two drummers and Brokie on vocals , it was a very wierd unrehearsed kind of thing. I think they played 2 or 3 shows. The time I saw them, they were all tripping on acid, Jim Thompson was on one of the drum kits and he was fucked up. They all walked off stage except for Brockie who was just stammering for 10 minute until the sound man pulled the power. Brown experience was another art fag band, they were funny, it was Brockie reading gibberish poetry while the band played some blues type had to be there. and for the record, Rigor Mortis cannot be concidered a side band, they were around on their own for quite awhile before any members joined Gwar.
15  General Category / Dim Times/Scumdog Evolution Comic / Re: gwar comic on: May 31, 2009, 01:11:05 am
Here's a rough idea of the way Joey Slutman should look. I did it pen to paper last night in about 10 minutes, and I'm NOT a good artist, so it's a roooooooouuuuggggghhhhh idea.

nice drawing.ahem...joey didn't use the sword, he used the giant mallet and the huge axe. the axe was his favorite.
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