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The idea behind Gwars inception 1985

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Author Topic: The idea behind Gwars inception 1985  (Read 189 times)
Joey Slutman

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« on: June 05, 2009, 10:32:51 pm »

First off. I hear alot of speculation as to the meaning of the word GWAR. The way I remember it as it was explained to me by Brockie and Hunter was that GWAR was the first word uttered by the band members as they awoke from their icey graves in antarctica. it was the only word they knew. that 'God what an aweful racket " explanation is pure bullshit, unless Brockie decided to change the meaning over the years. i never heard that explanation while I was in the band...TRUTH.

I have caught much shit over the years for my singing style while I was in Gwar. well, I wasn't  trying to take my self seriously, and the only reason why I sang that way was because it fit with the original theme of Gwar at its inception...mainly Gwars whole reason was to ridicule heavy metal and everything it stood for. all of us came from punk rock and hardcore bands, we were not metal heads, we were punks, skins, and most of us were artists of some sort. think about it; over the top costumes, rudimentary chord structures, allusions to massive drug use, exploitation of women, sleazebag managers, my vocals were an attempt at ridiculing the new (1985 it was new) cookie monster vocal style of speed-metal. I actually like some metal then, kreator, slayer, stuff like that, i had suggested that we play better, more metal-like music, but brockie and Hunter, who really were more character focused than music focused said that Gwar would not be able to play that well since they just came from antarctica. One of the many reasons why I left was because they only cared about the artistic character stuff and not the music. what makes me laugh is how brockie started singing more in a metal style later on, and how they are now entrenched within the metal scene,LOL, GWAR started as  a Parody of heavy Metal, and now, as entertaining as they are, they are actually a parody of a parody of themselves.LMAO.Brockie may deny this or not, but i am telling you now, we were making fun of Metal heads.TRUTH. and if you want to see how I really sing, go to and, these are two sites where you can hear some of my music other than Man is Doomed, bigfatugly is my personal myspace page so feel free to add me if you are on myspace, you will hear music from 3 of my bands after gwar (throttle,man is doomed and Pinchpoint). As far as I am concerned, brockie was the better choice for singer of Gwar, I would never have lasted 20+ years doing what they do, especially if it meant staying in Richmond, he's a funny guy with alot of screwed up ideas and he obviously has no shame, which is a prerequisite to being in  Gwar, I still laugh my ass off when I see some of his interviews and introductions to videos, he's fucking hilarious. I still believe that if I stayed in the band, it would have maybe been a better band musically, but it probably would not have lasted near as long as it has.Between me, Hunter and Brockie, the ego factor was huge, and I have been in enough bands to know that most bands only have room for one huge head, and if you have ever met dave, you can see clearly that he has a gigantic dome.LOL seriously though, if you have 3 people who want to further their ideas, nothing will work because of the constant struggle to get your ideas into play. all those early people like myself who left after a year or two were what Gwar needed to progress, otherwise it would have gotten ugly and Gwar would have fizzled out in 1988. So all those rumors of my being bitter are really bullshit, yes, i have a few issues with Brockie concerning use of my lyrics and likeness without compensation, but nothing really major to where I would wish them bad, I actually am amazed at how far they went and wish them nothing but the best...TRUTH
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I Know GWAR!
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« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2009, 04:40:06 pm »

I have a question
What happened to your costume and all the other old ones?
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